Silent oilless air compressor advantages and disadvantages

Silent oilless air compressor advantages and disadvantages

Oilless air compressor advantages
Low noise
No oil, no water
Steady flow
Long service life
Easy to operate

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What is oilless air compressor?

Some industries, such as food and medicine, chemical textiles, scientific research projects, etc., have higher requirements on the quality of air. So ordinary air compressors cannot meet their needs. In this case, an oil-free, water-free and even silent oilless air compressor came into being. With the development of food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The demand for silent oilless air compressors has become increasingly prominent. However, the high demand does not mean that the oil-free air compressor is perfect. It also has shortcomings. The following KINGBULL air compressors simply list the advantages and disadvantages.

tank mounted oilless screw air compressor

Silent oilless air compressor belongs to a special type of air compressor in the oil-free air compressor family. Besides its own compressed air, it does not contain any lubricating oil. The big feature is that the noise generated during operation is very small. It will have any impact on the surrounding environment, so we call it a silent oil-free air compressor.

Oilless air compressor advantages

First, the advantages of silent oil-free air compressor:

  1. Low noise – the output air pressure is stable and without fluctuation, and the noise pollution is greatly reduced. It is suitable for use in analytical testing, laboratory supporting, laboratory testing, research institutes, environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention departments.
  2. No oil, no water – air compressor solves the phenomenon of output airoil and water. A water drain is provided to allow timely drainage of moisture filtered out of the gas tank.
  3. Steady flow – the air compressor adopts a new pressure-saving device, and the output air is constantly regulated, so that the laboratory instruments such as atomic absorption are reproducible during testing.
  4. Long service life – The oilless air compressorhas increased the start preheating device. The machine is equipped with an external protector. The inside of the tank has been internally sprayed. It not only uses the screw air compressor reasonably, but also has strong versatility and long service life.
  5. Easy to operate – Eliminate the oil machine and screw air air compressor often check the troubles of adding lubricating oil, regular maintenance time is long, daily power transmission can be normal operation. Easy to operate, no need to be on duty.KINGNULL oilless air compressor exhibition

Oilless air compressor disadvantages

Second, the shortcomings of silent oilless air compressor:

  1. Due to the comparison of materials and manufacturing processes, the cost is relatively high and the price is relatively high.
  2. There is still room for improvement in manufacturing technology.
  3. Exhaust pressure is generally low.
  4. The exhaust volume is generally low, so it cannot meet a wide range of gas supply requirements.

KINGBULL customer cases

In general, the advantages of silent oilless air compressors far outweigh the disadvantages, so they are now widely used in places where the requirements for compressed air quality and environmental quietness are compared.

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