Piston Type Air Compressor V-0.67/10 For Sale

Piston Type Air Compressor V-0.67/10 For Sale

Pressure (Mpa): 1.0
Air flow (m³/min): 0.67
Power(kw): 4
Noise(dB): ≤65
Drive Mode: Belt Driven
Startup Mode: Y-▲Mode

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KingBull V-0.67/10 double piston type air compressor for sale

The feature s of piston type compressor V-0.67/10 is 2-cylinder single-stage air-cooling electric powered air compressor. KingBull piston type air compressor company has top quality 2 piston air compressor for sale. And all kinds of single stage reciprocating compressor. If you need to buy electric powered air compressor, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 12 hours. In addition, you can rest assured that we will give you the most competitive piston compressor price. As a leading piston air compressor manufacturers in China, we provide custom electric powered air compressor service. You just need to leave your message to us. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Model V-0.67/10
Cooling method Air-cooling
Pressure (Mpa) 1.0
Air delivery (m3/min) 0.67
Motor Power (KW) 4
Speed (rpm) 2980
Stard method Direct starting
Voltage (V/Hz) 380/50
Protection grade IP47
Insulation grade E
Driven type Belt
Noise (dBA) 58
Gas oil content (ppm) ≤3
Outlet temperature (℃) ≤105
Control type of exhaust volume air pressure switch
Setting pressure of safety valve   (Mpa) Air compressor exhaust pressure +0.1
Lubricating oil quantity (L) 1.3
Lubricating oil brand CD100
Size L (mm) 1290
W (mm) 460
H (mm) 920
Weight (KG) 160

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Double piston type air compressor structural features

Piston type compressor products is a single cylinder Z type (double cylinder V type, three cylinder W type) reciprocating piston air cooled mobile air compressor. V type air compressor is driven by the electric motor or the diesel engine through the triangle belt compressor. And then, makes the crankshaft produces the rotation movement. Through the connecting rod causes the piston to produce the reciprocating movement. This is the structural characteristics of the air compressor. If you want to wholesale piston compressor, we will be your right choice. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

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Working principle of double piston compressor?

Due to the change of 10 hp piston air compressor cylinder volume, the pressure inside the cylinder changes. The air valve configured on the top of the cylinder makes the natural air enter the cylinder through the muffler filter and compress into the compressed air with rated exhaust pressure. The compressed air passes through the exhaust pipe and enters the air tank through the one-way valve under the cooling of the fan. This is the working principle of double piston compressor. Now contact us to get piston compressor price list. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

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How to use v type air compressor?

The compressor should be placed in a ventilated room or in a clean and cool rainproof place. There should be open space around the compressor to facilitate operation and management and ensure the effect of air cooling. The compressor should not work in the environment of dirty air, dust and corrosive gases. Clean environment is beneficial to the operation and service life of piston type air compressor. If you have any other questions about our dual piston air compressor, please feel free to ask us. We will happy to answer your question about KingBull piston compressor. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

KINGBULL v type air compressor

Before starting the compressor, check whether the pipes are unblocked. And whether the lubricating oil is added to the range indicated by the cursor. And then, turn the pulley by hand to observe whether the compressor rotates normally or not. If there is no abnormality, the v type air compressor power can be turned on. By the way, be sure to operate the single stage reciprocating compressor in accordance with the product instructions. If you don’t understand anything about our dual piston compressor, please contact us at any time. Now contact us to get competitive double piston air compressor price. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

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