Piston Air Compressor Model of V-0.35/8 For Sale

Piston Air Compressor Model of V-0.35/8 For Sale

Pressure (Mpa): 0.8
Air flow (m³/min): 0.35
Power(kw): 2.2
Noise(dB): ≤65
Drive Mode: Belt Driven
Startup Mode: Y-▲Mode

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KingBull 0.35m³/min 0.8Mpa twin piston air compressor for sale

V-0.35/8 piston air compressor means v type air compressor. That is two cylinder single acting air cooling electric driven reciprocating compressor. KingBull company has all types of piston air compressor for sale. For example, single cylinder air compressor and two cylinder compressor. Single stage reciprocating air compressor and two stage reciprocating air compressor. Oil less piston compressor and oil lubricated air compressor. High pressure Reciprocating compressor and low pressure electric driven air compressor. If you need to purchase high quality piston air compressor, you can contact us. We will send quotation to you within 12 hours for your reference. Email: info@fntcompressor.com

Model V-0.35/8
Cooling method Air-cooling
Pressure (Mpa) 0.8
Air delivery (m3/min) 0.35
Motor Power (KW) 2.2
Speed (rpm) 2980
Stard method Direct starting
Voltage  (V/Hz) 380/50
Protection grade IP47
Insulation grade E
Driven type Belt
Noise (dBA) 58
Gas oil content (ppm) ≤3
Outlet temperature (℃) ≤105
Control type of exhaust volume air pressure switch
Setting pressure of safety valve   (Mpa) Air compressor exhaust pressure +0.1
Lubricating oil quantity (L) 1
Lubricating oil brand CD100
Size L (mm) 1000
W (mm) 420
H (mm) 760
Weight (KG) 80

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What is 2 cylinder compressor?

Single stage reciprocating compressor is a kind of compressor which depends on reciprocating motion of piston to pressurize and transfer air. Twin piston air compressor belongs to volumetric compressor, also known as “reciprocating piston compressor” or “reciprocating air compressor”. It is mainly composed of working chamber, transmission parts, fuselage and auxiliary parts. The working chamber is directly used to compress gas and consists of cylinder, cylinder sleeve, air valve, packing, piston and piston rod. If you want to buy top quality twin air compressor, KingBull 2 cylinder compressor manufacturers will be your reliable partner. Email: info@fntcompressor.com

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Working principle of single stage reciprocating compressor

The piston is driven by the piston rod to reciprocate in the cylinder. And the volume of the working chamber on both sides of the piston alternately changes in turn. The air on the side of the reduced volume is discharged through the air valve due to the increase in pressure. And the side of the increased volume is sucked into the air through the air valve due to the decrease in the pressure. The single stage reciprocating compressor transmission component is used for reciprocating motion. And it has a crankshaft connecting rod, an eccentric slider, a swash plate and so on. Among them, the crankshaft linkage mechanism is most commonly used. It is composed of a crosshead, a connecting rod and a crankshaft. Email: info@fntcompressor.com

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Electric piston v type air compressor application

Reciprocating two cylinder air compressor is a universal machine. The products are widely used in industries such as industry, agriculture, chemical industry, mining, road building, construction, medical and health industries, all kinds of pneumatic tools and pneumatic control machinery. At the same time, 2 cylinder compressor also used for painting, blowing bottles, inflating and other operations. And other departments that need compressed air will use single stage 2 cylinder compressor. Email: info@fntcompressor.com

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