Large Air Compressors Application in Plant Workshop

Large Air Compressors Application in Plant Workshop

Large air compressors application in all walks of life: Chemical plant; Thermal power plants; Hydropower plants; Steel plant; Refinery; Stone mining plant; Rubber factory; Foundry; Wood and furniture processing; Sheet metal workshop; Mine and so on.

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KINGBULL JNV-50A VFD air compressor

Large Air Compressors Application in Plant

Chemical plant: large air compressors used in ventilation and agitation, separation tower gas, cleaning equipment, combustion gas, transportation, lifting liquid, spray, cleaning pipeline, pneumatic control, process gas, and liquid transfer.

Thermal power plants: blowing air to clean pipes, blowing off soot, cleaning boilers and condenser pipes, jet cleaning, transporting coal powder, removing sewage, and pneumatic control.

Hydropower plants: engine control, ship lock maintenance, drive controller, drive lubrication pump, drive ship lock, start control, cleaning garbage net.

Steel plant: mixing solution, degassing gas, high-flat converter gas, skip positioning, sediment chamber drilling, unloading package. Open hearth flue cleaning, driving clutches and brakes, driving furnace door, drive charging and conveying device, drive Lubrication system, driving pneumatic tools. Pneumatic picks, grinders, lifting hoists and lifts, sandblasting, blast furnaces, vacuum degassing.

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Refinery: combustion gas, evacuation and cleaning oil circuit, lifting and lift, drive control system, catalyst recycling, sandblasting, painting.

Stone mining plant: large air compressors used in lifting and transporting materials, rock drilling machine, gas supply, drilling and blasting machine, rock drill, hand drill and water pump.

Rubber factory: clean mould and mechanical device, pneumatic suspension, demoulding, mould opening, pneumatic control and spraying.

plant maintenance: jet cleaning, drive tools (steam hammer, concrete vibrator, drill bit, grinder, crane, paving gravel machine, riveting gun. Deoxidizing skin, winder, wrench), sand blasting, spraying metal, spray paint, spray water system.

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Large Air Compressors Application in Workshop

Foundry: hot metal positioning, cleaning equipment, conveying sand, driving pneumatic tools, sanding machine, grinder, lifting hoist and lift, pneumatic pick. Tamping machine, steel brush, sandblasting, sand screening, spray core.

Wood and furniture processing: jet cleaning, air hanging, dip-dyed wood, bending and straightening, clamping and clamping, pneumatic tools, engraving tools. Drilling rigs, polishing machines, grinding machines, sand blasting, painting, water spraying devices.

Sheet metal workshop: large air compressors used in mixing solution, transporting chips, jet cleaning, driving package presses, driving platen jaw clutches and positioners. Pneumatic tools, finishing hammers, pneumatic picks, drill bits, grinders, cranes and lifts, combination tools , riveting machine. Sand blasting, spray lubricant, spray paint spraying, container leak detection.

Mine: ventilation gas, drilling large holes, removing water with air, filtering fines, pneumatic hoist, driving rock drilling rig, pneumatic drilling, blowing hole, pile driver, rock drilling machine.

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