KINGBULL Air Compressor Maufacturers Certifications

KINGBULL Air Compressor Maufacturers Certifications

ISO 9001 Quality Certification
CE certification
3.15 Integrity Enterprise

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Kaifeng Jinniu Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the famous North Water City and the ancient capital of the Eight Dynasties – Longting Industrial Park, Kaifeng City, Henan Province. In June 1996, KINGBULL air compressor manufacturers were restructured into the current Kaifeng Jinniu Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. And passed the general machinery industry certification in 2000.

KINGBULL air compressor manufacturer leaders

KINGBULL is our air compressor trade mark. KINGBULL air compressor manufacturer is a production-oriented enterprise that has obtained the national production license for air compressors in Henan Province. It is also a professional manufacturer of air compressors with large scale, early construction and full product specifications in Henan Province. In the past 23 years since its establishment, Jinniu Industrial Equipment has obtained many certification and won many honors with its excellent product quality and timely and effective after-sales service.

KINGBULL air compressor manufacturers obtained ISO quality certification

In 2017, Jinniu Industrial Equipment obtained the ISO quality certification. The ISO standard defines the quality management and quality assurance system for production and service companies. The purpose of product quality certification is to ensure rotary air compressor product quality, improve rotary screw air compressor product reputation, protect the interests of users and consumers, and promote international trade and development of international quality certification cooperation.

KINGBULL air compressor ISO 9001 certification

KINGBULL air compressor manufacturers obtained CE certification

In 2017, the air compressor and related equipment of KINGBULL company obtained the CE certificate. This means that our air compressors have passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and / or the air compressor manufacturer’s declaration of conformity, in line with the relevant EU directives. And as such the product is allowed to enter the European Community market sales pass.

The CE mark is not a quality mark, it is a mark that indicates that the energy efficient air compressor product has met the standards and directives of the European Safety/Health/Environment/Sanitation series. CE certification means that the product has met the safety requirements of the EU Directive; it is KINGBULL air compressor manufacturers commitment to consumers.

air compressor CE certification

JINNIU Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd—3.15 Integrity Enterprise

In 2017 and 2019, we were awarded the Certificate of Integrity by the China Integrity Brand Research Center. This is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Create a safe and secure consumer environment. Advocate the concept of honesty and consumption. Establish a model of the industry. And scientifically guide consumption. Therefore, Jinniu Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was rated as “Quality, Integrity and Credit Demonstration Unit”.

In addition to the certificates listed above, our company has obtained many other certificates. The most important thing is that KINGBULL air compressor company will continue to serve every customer with sincere service. KINGBULL air compressor supplier has always been adhering to the “Being a air compressor manufacturer that people trust.” Integrity, sincerity, honesty, credit, to serve customers. So that each customer gets the most cost-effective air compressor. Let the customer spend every penny worth the money.

KINGBULL air compressor 3.15 Integrity Enterprise

In the increasingly fierce market competition, KINGBULL air compressor factory will continue to adhere to the “development is the last word, strive to forge ahead, win customers honestly, credibility to open up the market”s entrepreneurial spirit and “quality first, customer first” business policy. With the most cost-effective products and the best service to return new and old customers .

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