150HP-350HP VFD/VSD Inverter Air Compressor Factory

150HP-350HP VFD/VSD Inverter Air Compressor Factory

Pressure (Mpa): 0.7/0.8/1.0/1.2
Air flow (m³/min): 16.0-42.7
Power: 150hp-350hp/110kw-250kw
Ambient temperature: -5℃~+45℃
Drive Mode: Direct Driven
Startup Mode: VFD

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150hp-350hp inverter air compressor for sale

150hp-300hp inverter air compressor are mainly used in industry. KingBull inverter compressor manufacturer specializes professional large air compressor for industrial use. Next, I will talk about the advantages of the our VFD inverter air compressor from three aspects. If you need to purchase 150hp/175hp/200hp/250hp/300hp/350hp variable frequency drive air compressor, leave your message to us now. We will contact you with 12 hours. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Model Air Flow(m³/min)/Pressure(MPa) Power (kw) Weight (kg) Dimension(cm) L*W*H Outlet Diameter Noise dB(A)
JNV-150A 21.6/0.7 20.1/0.8 17.5/1.0 16.0/1.2 110 1730 236*155*206 DN65 68±2
JNV-175A 25.2/0.7 24.0/0.8 21.0/1.0 18.3/1.2 132 1860 236*155*206 DN65 72±2
JNV-200A 28.7/0.7 27.6/0.8 25.3/1.0 22.4/1.2 160 2280 236*155*206 DN80 72±2
JNV-250A 32.5/0.7 30.8/0.8 28.2/1.0 25.1/1.2 185 3600 236*155*206 DN80 72±2
JNV-300A 36.8/0.7 34.7/0.8 30.8/1.0 28.9/1.2 220 4120 320*190*225 DN105 76±2
JNV-350A 42.7/0.7 40.8/0.8 38.1/1.0 34.9/1.2 250 4880 320*190*225 DN105 76±2
Cooling method Air-cooling
Protection grade IP54
Driven type Direct driven
Control type of exhaust volume Intake accommodation control
Setting pressure of safety valve(Mpa) Air compressor exhaust pressure +0.1
Outlet temperature(℃) ≤Ambient temperature +15

KingBull VFD screw air compressor control system

Our screw compressor is controlled by advanced intelligent control system (PLC). It has perfect control function and self-diagnosis capability, which makes the reliability and safety of compressor reach a new level. Our VFD screw compressor is equipped with LCD English interface and touch control panel. It is easy to operate and has password protection function to avoid the compressor from being mishandled and man-made. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

175 hp VFD for air comprssor supplier

Under the control of the controller, the variable frequency air compressor unit runs completely independently and can be unattended for 24 hours. If you need to adjust the parameters or observe the operating parameters of the unit, you only need to make adjustments on the control panel. The control panel of our VFD screw compressor can realize the setting and display of various parameters, fault alarm and protection. In addition, it can upload the relevant data to the user’s DCS (distributed Control system) system through PLC. So that to realize the interlock control between remote monitoring and compressor. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

KingBull inventer air compressor air circuit/ lubrication system

Lubricating oil

The oil circuit system of our VSD screw compressor adopts SAE- O sealing ring seal. It has good sealing performance, strictly prevents lubricating oil leakage of air compressor. Lubricating oil plays a vital role in the screw air compressor. Lubricating oil’s function is to lubricate, cool, seal and reduce noise. KingBull variable frequency drive screw air compressor adopts high-quality special lubricating oil. In view of the bad service environment of compressor, our lubricating oil has good oxidation resistance, carbonation resistance, shear resistance. Rust resistance, good oil-water separation property, high viscosity index and good demulsification in the process of water condensation. In addition, our lubricating oil service life can reach 8000 hours under normal conditions. If you are looking for a trustworthy inverter air compressor manufacturer now, we will never let you down. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

200 hp large industrial screw air compressor

Inverter compressor oil filter

Our variable speed drive rotary air compressor adopts Germany’s famous MANN oil filter. The filter element is composed of multi-layer filter material. It has high filtration precision, can filter impurities in lubricating oil reliably. And MANN oil filter has strong anti-damage ability, anti-failure pressure can reach 20 bar. Meanwhile, its maximum operating temperature can reach 150 ℃. Under normal conditions, the service life can reach 4000 hours. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Air compressor oil and air separator

The separation quality of oil and air separator directly affects the quality and fuel consumption of compressed air. We adopt advanced three-stage separation technology. Compressed air rotates at high speed after tangential entry into oil and air cylinder. Oil is thrown out by gravity and centrifugal force, sinks along the cylinder wall to the bottom of the cylinder. Then the compressed air hits the bottom of the separator. The air flow passes through 180 degrees turning point separation. And then air will be further filtered through the filter. The filter core adopts German MANN special filter core, which has good permeability, small flow resistance and excellent filtration effect. The oil content of compressed air is guaranteed within 3ppm. Under normal conditions, the service life can reach 4000h. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

250 hp inverter air compressor suppliers

Air filter

The air quality entering the compressor will directly affect the life of the main engine and lubricating oil. In order to fully guarantee the use of the KingBull screw air compressor in extremely harsh environments, we have adopted super large heavy-duty air filter, double filter core filtration. Through the application of high-tech filtration materials and unique structural design to ensure the high precision and long life of the air filter. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Excellent overall design of KingBull VSD air compressor

KingBull VSD screw air compressor adopts advanced overall design concept, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, large maintenance space. And centralized maintenance points, omnidirectional detachable panel for easy maintenance. The layout of the cooling flow field is reasonable. The cold air enters the compressor from the lower side of the unit, and the hot air is discharged from the top. And the cold and heat exchange is smooth. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

300 hp screw air compressor for industrial use

The main engine and motor are mounted on the cushion to reduce vibration and noise caused by it. Thicker sound absorbing foam cotton is laid on the inside of the panel to effectively isolate noise. See here, I believe you have a certain understanding of our variable ac compressor. If you want to get our best air compressor price list, please feel free to send an inquiry. We will reply you within 12 hours. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

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