High Quality Belt Drive Compressor Pros & Cons

High Quality Belt Drive Compressor Pros & Cons

Belt drive compressor Design:
Advantages of belt drive compressor
Disadvantages of belt drive compressor

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Belt drive compressor Design:

Two basic types of drive design of an air compressor are direct drive air compressor and belt drive air compressor. A belt drive can be separated by a system of belts and pulleys. It has a little bit higher energy loss compared to its counterpart.

However, as far as output is concerned, belt drive models ensure highest industrial output making it perfect for professionals. Some large belt-pull compressors that we see in gas station weighs more than 150lbs.

The most significant feature of them is their efficiency and longevity that tend to last years after years. Some small size air compressors with belt drive feature are also available on the market.   If you want a unit that should be both portable and belt drive, there are options for you. KINGBULL air compressor factory has complete range of belt drive rotary screw compressors for sale.

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Belt drive air compressor pros:

Belt drives by using belts and pulleys will run at much lower RPM typically between 1400 and 1800 compared to 3800 of a direct drive.

They create less friction, lower operating temperatures, and overall lower wear and tear on the pump itself that extend the life of pump considerably.

The belt-drive design increases efficiency over direct drive models.

Last but not the least, they are robust and solidly built with quality components.

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Belt driven compressor cons:

Disadvantages of belt drive would be possibly more maintenance, adjusting belts and pulleys and it is going to be a little bit higher initial cost factor.

Since it draws huge power, users living in frosty weather sometimes have to start the unit with difficulty.

They are heavy and meant to be stationary. You have little chance to haul around with it.

Rubberized belt becomes rigid in snowy weather resulting in breakdown to some extent. Fortunately, this is a very rare case. So, no need to worry. KINGBULL air compressor can customize the belt drive compressor for you. Choose different quality belts according to your budget.

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