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China Custom Air Compressor Factory

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China custom air compressor factory

Jinniu Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. In 2000, we passed the certification of general machinery industry. We are production enterprise that has obtained the national production license for air compressors in Henan Province. Jinniu is also a professional custom air compressor manufacturer with large scale, early construction and full product specifications in Henan Province.

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KINGBULL is our air compressor trade mark. Jinniu air compressor factory produces a full range of full-size screw air compressors, piston air compressors, and diesel mobile air compressors. You can choose the air compressor according to your needs. Of course, if our existing model does not meet your requirements, we can customize it for you. The custom air compressor is a large business segment of the Jinniu air compressor.

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KINGBULL custom air compressor case

Many customers come from different countries and regions, and air compressors use different environments. Therefore, they need a specific air compressor to meet the demand. In September 2019, PetroChina customized a batch of diesel air compressors and screw machines to Jinniu Air Compressor Factory. Because they are used in uninhabited open air environments such as Gobi and mines. And power transmission is inconvenient, and air compressor movement is required. Therefore, PetroChina purchased a customized diesel air compressor and a screw air compressor.

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After they said the requirements for the air compressor, our design and development department engineers began research and design, and communicated with the other experts, and finally produced the customized air compressor that meets the requirements shown in the figure. If you also need to purchase a custom air compressor for your project, please feel free to contact us. We believe that there will be a good cooperation. Whether you need a factory, or you want to wholesale air compressors, become our dealers, we will be happy to help you.

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Why do you need a custom air compressor? Because ordinary air compressors are only suitable for normal operation. However, air compressors, as power machines, operate in many special circumstances. Custom air compressors are more suitable for use. And according to the use situation, the corresponding air compressor can be more energy-saving and durable. For example, the food industry needs cleaner air and no loud noise. Therefore, it is possible to customize an oil-free silent air compressor. Air compressors working in mines and other places require continuous operation and a larger displacement. You can customize the cabinet to be thicker and replace it with a more durable engine. Leave a message to tell us about your needs.

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