30HP Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor Price

30HP Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor Price

Pressure (Mpa): 0.7/0.8/1.0/1.2
Air flow (m³/min): 2.84-3.60
Power: 30hp/22kw
ambient temperature: -5℃~+45℃
Drive Mode: Belt Driven
Startup Mode: Y-▲Mode

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KingBull 30hp belt air compressor for sale

Air compressors are used in almost every industry. With the development and innovation of technology and different industrial operation requirements, different kinds of air compressors emerge as the times. For example, 3 phase air compressor and single phase rotary screw air compressor. Single stage air compressor and two stage screw air compressor. Piston air compressor and screw air compressor. Reciprocating air compressor and centrifugal air compressor. KingBull belt drive air comprassor supplier has all kinds of air compressor for sale. In this article, I will mainly talk about the matters needing attention in the use of 30 hp belt drive air compressor. If you want to buy other kinds of screw air compressors, please send email to us. Our sales manager will contact you within 12 hours. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Model JNB-30A
Cooling method Air-cooling
Pressure (Mpa) 0.7/0.8/1.0/1.2
Air delivery (m3/min) 3.60/3.56/3.07/2.84
Motor Power    (KW) 22
Speed    (rpm) 2980
Start method Y-Δ
Voltage  (V/Hz) 380/50
Protection grade IP54
Insulation grade F
Driven type Belt
Noise  (dBA) 63
Gas oil content  (ppm) ≤3
Outlet temperature   (℃) ≤Ambient temperature +15
Control type of exhaust volume Intake accommodation control
Setting pressure of safety valve   (Mpa) Air compressor exhaust pressure +0.1
Lubricating oil quantity  (L) 18
Lubricating oil brand Jinniu
Size L  (mm) 1350
W  (mm) 875
H  (mm) 1380
Weight  (KG) 650

Notes for use of 30 hp air compressor belt drive

The belt driven air compressor should be parked away from steam, gas, and dust. The intake pipe should be equipped with a filtering device. Our belt driven air compressor is equipped with an air filter. After the small air compressor is in place, the pad needs to be symmetrically wedged. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Always keep the outside of the screw air compressor tank clean. Welding or hot working near the air compressor tank is prohibited. The water pressure test of the gas storage tank should be carried out once a year, and the test pressure should be 1.5 times the working pressure. Barometers and safety valves should be inspected once a year. If you want to buy top quality and reliable belt drive compressor, choose us is a wise choice. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

30 hp belt drive screw air compressor appearance picture

Screw air compressor operator

The air compressor operator should be specially trained to fully understand the structure, performance and function of the air compressor and ancillary equipment, and be familiar with the operation and maintenance procedures. KingBull 30 hp screw air compressor is controlled by advanced intelligent control system (PLC), which has perfect control function and self-diagnosis ability. Easy to operate, with password protection function to avoid misoperation and human damage of belt drive air compressor. Under the control of the controller, the air compressor unit runs completely independently and can be unattended for 24 hours. If you need to adjust the parameters or observe the operating parameters of the unit, you only need to make adjustments on the control panel. Now please send your requirements to us get 30 hp belt drive air compressor price. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

30 hp screw air compressor for air tools

Check before start-up small screw air compressor

Before starting the air compressor, check and prepare the air compressor according to regulations, and pay attention to opening all valves of the air compressor tank. If you use diesel driven air compressor, after the diesel engine is started, the low-speed, medium-speed and rated speed heating operation must be carried out. Pay attention to whether the meter readings are normal before running with load. The air compressor should gradually increase the load start-up. And all parts can be operated at full load after being normal. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Please conduct a manual exhaust test on the safety valve of air tank regularly (weekly) to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the safety valve.

Please do a good job of cleaning the belt drive screw air compressor. After long-term operation of air compressor, do not use cold water flushing.

small gas powered air compressor

The above are the most basic matters needing attention in the use of belt air compressors. If you want to know more about best belt driven air compressor maintenance recommendations, please click here to change this page. Or you can contact us directly. We warmly welcome your order. Meanwhile, as a leading air compressor manufacturers in China, we would also happy to discuss with you about belt air compressors. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Please feel free to leave your message. Our sales manager will send quotation to you within 12 hours. Custom screw air compressor Service.

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