Air Compressor Oil Separator For Sale

Air Compressor Oil Separator For Sale

Component Name: Air oil separator
Brand Origin: China
Brand Name: KINGBULL
Type: Air compressor part
Model: Matching air compressor

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What is air compressor oil separator filter?

The air compressor oil separator is the key component to determine the compressed air quality of air compressor. The high quality air oil separator for air compressor can not only ensure the high efficiency of the general air compressor. But also ensure the filter element life of thousands of hours.

The compressed air coming out of the compressor air end entrains large and small oil droplets. Large oil droplets are easily separated by air oil separator for air compressor tank. While small oil droplets (suspended oil particles below 1 μm in diameter) must be filtered through the micron and glass filter layers of the oil separation filter.

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The diffusion of oil particles through the filter material is directly intercepted by the filter material and the mechanism of inertial collision and condensation. So that the suspended oil particles in the compressed air quickly condense into large oil droplets. Under the action of gravity, the oil accumulates at the bottom of the oil core. And returns to the head lubricating oil system through the bottom recessed return pipe inlet. So that the compressor discharges purer and oil-free compressed air.

The solid particles in the compressed air are retained in the filter layer as they pass through the oil core. Which leads to an increase in the pressure drop (resistance) of the oil core. As the oil core usage time increases, when the oil core pressure difference reaches 0.08 to 0.1 Mp, the filter element must be replaced. Otherwise the air compressor operating cost (power consumption) will increase.

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Replacement standard for air oil separator

  1. Replace after the actual service time reaches the design life time. The service life of air oil separator is usually 4000-8000 hours, which must be replaced after expiration. Screw air compressor with an annual operating time of less than 4000 hours should be replaced annually.
  2. Air compressor oil separator is replaced immediately after the clogging alarm during the design service life. The air oil separator clogging alarm setting value is usually 0. 8-1.0bar.

If the air oil separator is used beyond the time limit, it will have the following hazards.

  • Poor separation efficiency leads to increased oil consumption and oil content of compressed air. Affecting the operation of the back-end purification equipment and the gas equipment cannot work properly.
  • The piezoresistive resistance increases after clogging, resulting in an increase in the actual exhaust pressure of the unit and an increase in energy consumption of the unit.
  • After the failure, the glass fiber filter separation material falls into the oil, resulting in shortened life of the oil filter core and abnormal wear of the host.low price air oil separator for screw compressorIf you want to buy screw air compressor and air compressor parts, KINGBULL company will be your best choice.

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