KINGBULL Air Compressor Air Filter Supplier

KINGBULL Air Compressor Air Filter Supplier

Component Name: Air filter
Brand Origin: China
Brand Name: KINGBULL
Type: Air compressor part
Model: Matching air compressor

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What is air compressor air filter?

Air compressor air filter is composed of air filter assembly and filter element, the external connection through the joint and threaded pipe to the air compressor inlet valve. So as to filter into the air dust, particles and other impurities. Different air compressor models can choose the air filter to be installed according to the amount of air intake. KingBull air compressor machine is equipped with the corresponding air filter. If you want to buy high quality general air compressor, our company will be your right air compressor supplier.

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How air compressor intake filter work?

Granular pollutants suspended in the air are composed of solid or liquid particles. Atmospheric dust can be divided into atmospheric dust in the narrow sense and atmospheric dust in the broad sense. In the narrow sense, atmospheric dust refers to solid particles in the atmosphere, that is, real dust. The modern concept of atmospheric dust includes both solid particles and polydispersed aerosols of liquid particles. It refers to suspended particles in the atmosphere with a particle size of less than 10 μ m. Which is the broad sense of atmospheric dust.

For particles larger than 10μm, because of the heavier, after a period of random Brownian motion. They will gradually settle to the ground under the action of gravity. Which is the main target of ventilation and dust removal. Dust particles from 0.1 to 10 microns in the atmosphere do not move regularly in the air. In addition, because of their light weight, they tend to float with the air flow and are difficult to settle to the ground. Therefore, the concept of atmospheric dust in air cleaning technology is different from that in general dust removal technology.

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The air filtration technology mainly adopts the filtration separation method. By setting air filters of different performances, the dust particles and microorganisms in the air are removed. That is, the dust particles are trapped and trapped by the air filter material to ensure the cleanliness requirement of the air.

How to maintenance air filter?

When the air filter element of the air filter expires, necessary maintenance should be carried out. And the following basic principles should be observed during maintenance.

  • Choose the maintenance time according to the differential pressure switch or the information instruction of the differential pressure indicator. Regular on-site inspections or cleaning sometimes do more harm than good. There is a risk of dust entering the engine due to filter element damage.
  • Air compressor air intake filter is recommended to replace, rather than clean. The filter element so as to avoid damage to the filter element and maximize the protection of the engine.
  • When it is necessary to clean the filter element, special care should be taken not to scour the filter element.
  • Please note that the air intake filter safety core cannot be cleaned and can only be replaced.
  • After maintenance, carefully wipe the air filter interior and sealing surface of the shell with a wet quality rotary air compressor partsPlease kingly leave your message. We will reply you within 12 hours.

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