3 Piston Air Compressor W-0.9/10 For Sale

3 Piston Air Compressor W-0.9/10 For Sale

Pressure (Mpa): 1.0
Air flow (m³/min): 0.9
Power(kw): 7.5
Noise(dB): ≤65
Drive Mode: Belt Driven
Startup Mode: Y-▲Mode

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KingBull W-0.9/10 3 piston air compressor for sale

KingBull piston air compressor of W-0.9/10 means 3-cylinder single-stage air-cooling electric air compressor. Our company has all types of reciprocating air compressor for sale. If you want to buy top quality 3 piston air compressor and air cooled air compressor, please leave your message. As a leading 3 piston compressor manufacturer in China, you will get the most competitive 3 cylinder piston compressor price from us. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

Model W-0.9/10
Cooling method Air-cooling
Pressure (Mpa) 1.0
Air delivery (m3/min) 0.9
Motor Power (KW) 7.5
Speed (rpm) 2980
Stard method Direct starting
Voltage (V/Hz) 380/50
Protection grade IP47
Insulation grade E
Driven type Belt
Noise (dBA) 58
Gas oil content (ppm) ≤3
Outlet temperature (℃) ≤105
Control type of exhaust volume air pressure switch
Setting pressure of safety valve   (Mpa) Air compressor exhaust pressure +0.1
Lubricating oil quantity (L) 0.8
Lubricating oil brand CD100
Size L (mm) 1290
W (mm) 460
H (mm) 950
Weight (KG) 225

KINGBULL types of reciprocating air compressor

KingBull air cooled 3 piston air compressor advantages

With high quality air cooled air compressor and good customer service, KingBull Air Compressor has won the trust and favor of our customers. The following are the advantages of our single acting reciprocating compressor.

1: Piston compressors are suitable for a wide range of pressures. Piston compressors can be designed for low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and ultra high pressure. Moreover, at the same speed, when the exhaust pressure fluctuates, the exhaust volume of air cooled air compressor remains basically unchanged. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

2: 3 piston air compressor compression efficiency. The process of compression air of piston type air compressor belongs to closed system. Therefore, single acting reciprocating compressor compression efficiency is high.

3: Adaptable. Piston compressor has a wide range of exhaust capacity. Moreover, the effect of air density on compressor performance is not as significant as that of a velocity compressor.

double acting reciprocating air compressor

Why choose single acting reciprocating compressor?

The required pressure can be obtained regardless of the air flow rate. And the exhaust pressure range is wide. The maximum pressure can reach 320MPa(industrial application) and even 700MPa(in the laboratory). The single types of reciprocating air compressor capacity is any flow below 500 m3 / min. The air compressor has high thermal efficiency. Generally, the adiabatic efficiency of large air compressors and medium-sized electric piston air compressor units can reach 0.7 to 0.85. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

W type air compressor 3 cylinder piston air compressor

The air cooled piston air compressor drive machine is relatively simple, most of them use electric motors. In addition, the driving machine is generally not adjustable in speed and has strong maintainability. Piston compressors are relatively mature in technology and have accumulated rich experience in production and use. If you are looking for reliable piston compressor manufacturers, believe us. We will be your trustworthy piston compressor supplier in China. We look forward to having business cooperation with you in the near future. If you have any question about our 3 piston air compressor, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will reply you with 12 hours. Email:info@fntcompressor.com

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Please feel free to contact us and leave your message. We will reply you within 12 hours.

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